.lib files missing from PhysX-3.3-master

I am trying to port the PhysX3.2 to 3.3 to 3.4 but found that the folder structure is different for PhysX-3.3 (old version) vs PhysX-3.3-master (git hub). The latter also lacks a lot of .lib files PhysX3Common_.lib and
.lib along with dll files PhysX3Cooking_.dll, PhysX3CharacterKinematic_.dll. I am using Cmake and VS11 for linking graphics and openhaptics. Cmake file requires folder structure for these files but with newer master files does it still need?

You get CPU source code with PhysX-3.3-master on git. It doesn’t include pre-build binaries apart from those for GPU simulation components. You build the libs/dlls from the source files yourself. Solution files are included in PhysXSDK/Source/compiler folder.