Debugging by Nsight

I’m working on a CUDA project now. This project used to run well on VS2008 + GeForce GTX 295.
Now, what I’m using are: Win 7, VS2010, GeForce GTX 295, SDK 4.2, Driver 301.32, Nsight 2.2, and I use localhost all the time.

Since that project doesn’t work well now, so I begin to use Nsight 2.2 for debugging.
I tried to set some breakpoints in the sample project MatrixMul, but they were not hit.
I searched online, and read all the related posts that I can find. I set all the .cu files to “Generate GPU Debug Information Yes(-g)”,
disabled optimization, and set “Generate Host Debug Information Yes(-g)”.
However, it still doesn’t work.

Can anybody tell me what else should I try? BTW, my project and the sample project MatrixMul cca be built and compiled properly.
And, although the breakpoints were not hit, the MatrixMul can run properly and it finally shows “PASSED” in the test.

Thank you in advance~

see for the steps I needed to do to get NSight working on my laptop, might help.