Does NSIGHT work with a makefile project instead of native Visual C++ project?

Hi, I’m trying to add CUDA to a cross-platform project (built with UNIX makefiles) and NSIGHT debugging in Visual Studio doesn’t seem to work (never steps on a break point).

Then, I’ve tried creating a minimal makefile project to see if the issue is still there, but break points still don’t work.

Can anyone confirm if NSIGHT works or not with Visual C++ makefile projects? And if it doesn’t work, is it just incidental that can be fixed in the future or a fundamental problem?

I don’t think you’d even need a makefile to run your code in MSVC… just put your source files all into a new CUDA 4.2 or 5.0 project and compile it… should work out of the box. If breakpoints don’t work in Nsight, check to make sure that you have GPU debugging enabled -G flag, as well as having the NSight monitor running in the background. You should also disable TDR and reboot to avoid any nasty issues while you’re debugging GPU code.

“check to make sure that you have GPU debugging enabled -G flag”

OK, debugging works now! I had lowercase -g, which I thought was enough. Thank you very much for the suggestion