Debugging for DOCA Flow

Hi all,

Tbh, I’m new to the DOCA API and development. I’m writing a program for Bluefield 2 DPU based on flow_shared_counter_sample.c

The program seems to work with some packets received at port 0, however, I don’t see any packet getting forwarded to port 1 (using tcpdump on port 1).

Thus, may I ask if

  1. There is a way to debug the program?
  2. How to print the header fields/content of packets received at port 0 and port 1 in real-time.
  3. If the packet is matched or mismatched, and what fields are mismatched?
  4. How to generate packet flow to test the program? I’m using netcat
    nc -s -p 5678 1234

OVS: p0 → sf0 → flow_shared_counter_sample → sf1 → pf0hpf

Program output:

Thank you!

You can use ovs-appctl dpctl dump flows.

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Thank you for the timely reply, I got it to work. ovs-appctl dpctl/dump-flows this is the debug command I used.

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