decoder error

I decoded the h264 file with the mothed like 00_video_decode

the video can be decoded for a while,but for a while ,they reported the next message:

TVMR: NvMMLiteTVMRDecDoWork: 6451: NVMMLITE_TVMR: This condition is not possible !!!

1.What’s the cause of this?
2.Where can find the document for the message about this ?
3.Has the source code?

Looks to be an issue in the h264 stream. You can try

tegra_multimedia_api/samples/00_video_decode$ export DISPLAY=:0
tegra_multimedia_api/samples/00_video_decode$ ./video_decode H264 -fps 10 ../../data/Video/sample_outdoor_car_1080p_10fps.h264

I use multithreading, each thread decodes a file. If one of the threads decodes the file, the decoding of other threads stops at the same time, it will report the information above. Why is this?

For multiple decoding, please refer to tegra_multimedia_api\samples\backend

If you don’t need the demonstration of TensorRT, please revise below line in Makefile and rebuild the sample