Deepsearch not displaying in navigator after extension enabled

I’ve followed the video enabling the Deepsearch extension …and the documentation says:

To use DeepSearch in Nucleus Navigator, follow these steps:

  1. When connected to a DeepSearch enabled Nucleus server, a camera and hamburger icon will appear …but it doesn’t explain how to connect Deepsearch to Nucleus server so that it displays in the Nucleus Navigator. How do i configure Deepsearch to display in Navigator
    please help

Deep search is an enterprise service that is deployed against a specific nucleus instance currently.

Your images show localhost is what you’re connecting to. Do you have deep search deployed here?

Yes he probably does have it. look at my screenshot it shows deepsearch ip addresses

i got my entitlement and linked it to my account and set up all the docker containers and everything

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Hi everyone,

DeepSearch is an Enterprise service that requires other backend technologies to work. First, you will need an Enterprise Nucleus Server (Nucleus running on a workstation is not compatible). You will then also need to stand up additional services such as NGSearch, DeepSearch, and an OpenSearch or Elastic database.

Lastly, if your source assets are in USD, you will also need to set up a Omniverse Farm instance that will open those USD assets to generate the necessary thumbnails to DeepSearch can complete the inferencing it needs to.

For production environments, we suggest the following:

1 dedicated server for your Enterprise Nucleus Server
1 dedicated server for NGSearch/DeepSearch
1 dedicated instance or server for OpenSearch / Elastic - This can be dedicated or shared with other DB’s
1 dedicated server/workstation with an RTX GPU for Omniverse Farm - The queue and agent would be installed via Launcher.

For small test/non-production deployments, we include an OpenSearch instance (within a container) as part of the NGSearch install.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions with set up or troubleshooting.


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if you look at my screenshots you will see that I have The Enterprise Nucleaus server. NGSearch/Deepsearch, opensearch, I also have an NVidia A4000 with 128gb of system ram and i9 intell CPU.

Can i have someone dedicated to me today because tomorrow I need to show the GenAI demo you guys put out on youtube. this is for a HUGE COMPANY probably bigger than Siemens. and I have the ear of some top executives.

Please reach out to me at
or better you 516 962 1110
im sure itll only take 20 minutes ive set everything up already.
we could have a video call
its a big client you can use on your case studies man.
but the time is now.
ive got a whole plan, architecture
but if this sprint doesnt show the gen AI demo ill never be heard from again

Hi xrdyne,
Did this issue get resolved ? Did anyone reach out to you ?

Hi @Richard3D - I have been working with Juan over Discord as well. (Most recent conversation was last week.)

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