Deepstream-app Two Simultaneous Filesinks (with and without Bounding Boxes)

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Is it possible to have two separate filesinks in the “deepstream-app” application?

I would like one file sink to be the raw buffers drawn to a file, and the second filesink to be the stream with prediction bounding boxes overlaid on top.

I can get both working separately, but I’m wondering if its possible to do both at once.

If this is possible, could you attach a sample config.txt of the group(s) configuration?

Thanks in advance,

How can you dump “the raw buffers drawn to a file” with depstream-app? Do you mean YUV data or RGB data with “the raw buffers”?

by raw buffers I simply mean not overlaying the OSD (bounding boxes) on top of stream before writing to an mp4.

I can enable/disable the OSD group in order to get an mp4 with/without boxes respectively.
However I’m wondering if I can setup my config to stream with/without boxes at the same time.


Yes. To disable tiler and enable multiple sink group with different “source-id” will output separated streams.
A deepstream-app config file sample: test_config.txt (4.6 KB)