RTSP Deepstream running two config file at the same time

• Hardware Platform (Jetson TX2)
• DeepStream Version 4.0
• JetPack Version ( 4.2.1)
• TensorRT Version ( 6.0)

When i run two deepstream config file at the same time using
for example

deepstream-app -c conf_file.txt

while enabling RTSP stream for the two config file with different port number
,when i view the rtsp stream of one of the two RTSP stream using the port number of this stream i get frames from the two RTSP stream at the same time mixed up . How i can solve that so i can view the two stream independently?

Not sure about your usecase. Do you mean you enable two RTSP sinks in the config file? It should help understand the issue if you can attach the config file.

i want to run two config files at the same time in different terminal .in Each config file i enable the rtsp sink . is that possible .

You need to configure different ports for each config file. For example, one is


and the other is


thanks a lot it works

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