Deepstream input image in NCWH oe NWHC

hello experts
i saw the “uff-input-dims” to set the NCHW or NWHC mode in deepstream guide.
But how can i change the input mode for Onnx and caffe models?
And whats the default input mode for each mode?

Hi @BIgPeng_XX,
Caffe & ONNX both supports NCHW by default.
For ONNX you can refer the below link-

For more details related to Deepstream, request you to raise it to the respective forum.

hello expert, i use this model to apply pose estimation with deepstream 5.0:
but i got the different result of inference. Deepstream 5.0 also use TensorRT7.0 to do the inference, and i use the same to process the input and output, but i cant get the same result. why with the same model, tensorrt and deepstream get the different result?

Hi @BIgPeng_XX,

This is possible if the input is different.
Deepstream supports RGB/BGR/GRAY color format.
Request you to check if the color format is same first.

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thanks, i have detected the keypoints already, but i use the detector mode, i dont know how to pass the paf infomation to the tracker, how can i pass the paf infomation and draw the line?

Hi @BIgPeng_XX,
I think Deepstream forum should be able to help you better here.