deepstream SDK for Jetpack 4.2

i was trying to use deepstream sdk with xavier agx but i am having some problems with the provided configurations. Does deepstream 4 work with Jetpack 4.2?

Hi hrexha,

No, the DeepStream SDK 4 was started to get Jetson AGX Xavier and other Jetson platforms support since JetPack 4.2.1.

Thanks for the reply,
So to make it short, if i have Jetpack 4.2 i cannot use deepstream sdk! The issue is that i have some drivers that work with this jetpack an i did not want to change.

Sorry, please upgrade to JetPack 4.2.1 at least.

Thanks kayccc for the reply,
Actually i have the problem that i am using SurveilsQUAD camera system and the vendor provides drivers for Jetpack 4.2, so i dont know what to do. I would have liked to use deepstream for video analytics, but either wait and see if the vendor supports other jetpacks in the future or see any other solution.