DeepStream_YOLO with Realsense

i’m trying to use deepstream_yolo with realsense in jetson nano,so that i can get both regonition and depth but i dont how to use realsense as an input
i tried to just use realsense as a usb carmera in deepstream_app but when i want get the depth it didnt work,it told me that the device is busy.The librealsense must create a pipline first so that it can get the depth info but the carmera is use as an input to deepstream
so i have no idea now i will appreciate so much if you can help me

Have you trained a Yolo model for 3d video?

no I just want to use d405’s rgb camera as deepstream input and get the depth of object through its depth camera, however d405 must use it own liberealsense api to get distance and before getting distance it must create a pipeline to get the capture so I want to know whether I can close deepstream input during getting distance or just use realsense pipeline as an input or something can archive my goal thanks again for your replys

There is no component in DeepStream can get the RGB data from realsense buffer and convert it to the Yolo model needed format. You need to customize such component.

could you give me some approximate ideas for it

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There is no depth video type in original GStreamer project now.

DeepStream customized the depth video data with ds3d::abiRefDataMap interface DeepStream 3D Custom Manual — DeepStream 6.2 Release documentation

And the deepstream-3d-depth-camera sample has told you how to get the depth video data from Realsense depth camera into ds3d::abiRefDataMap . You need to develope a new plugin which can read the RGB data from the depth video data and convert it into an ordinary GStreamer RGB data GstBuffer. And then you can use other GStreamer and DeepStream plugins to construct the inferencing pipeline.

The ds3d::datafilter interfaces DeepStream 3D Custom Manual — DeepStream 6.2 Release documentation are recommended for the new plugin development.

hey what version of jetpack are you using on the jetson nano, also what version of deepstream? as far as i understand i need jetpack version 4.6.2 with deepstream 6.01/6.0 and im not able to find the deepstream version i need.
thanks for your help

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