DeepStream3.0: the problem about test1_app and test3_app

is there any different between building several pipelines in test1 and one pipeline in test3

Please refer deepstream-test3/README for difference between deepstream-test3 and deepstream-test1

hi,test1 use the element nvdec_h264,but test3 use uridecodebin to decode.if the uridecodebin’s decode speed lower than nvdec_h264?(uridecodebin is not nvidia’s plugin)

  • Use multiple sources in the pipeline.
  • Use a uridecodebin so that any type of input (e.g. RTSP/File), any GStreamer
    supported container format, and any codec can be used as input.

test1 sample just accept one h264 stream,

the main difference i think, you can balance the needs to choose which is best for you.