Deepstrem send kafka message according custom needs

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The question is how to trigger the sending of kafka messages, in deepstream-test5-app is that each object information triggers a send event, I want to put all the messages together and then send them together just one time, rather than sending messages every time a object is detected

just want to gather all frames’s info and package them into one message ,then send this message via kafka,not sending message for each frame

Yes. You can store the info in some other places and generate the new msg event when needed.

thankyou ,i have solved this ,but there is a question ,i encoded the jpeg image to base64 string for json object,but could not send this message via kafka,it show this error below

, ,when i change this base64 string to a short string ,it is success

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You can debug with the open source /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream/sources/libs/kafka_protocol_adaptor

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