Dell Machines that are compatible with GTX 280


I am looking at getting a dell system and replacing its graphics card with GTX 280. Is dell precision T7400 compatible with GTX 280 in terms of power supply, dimensions, cooling etc? Is there any other dell system (cheaper the better) that will work?


i seriously advise not gettign a dell end pc, why not buy a prebuilt pc that comes with a gtx 280 and not waste money on a card you will remove? better yet just build your own pc, we can help you with the specs it will have adequate power etc

It’d be helpful if you posted the specs of the dell here, rather than making us dig around for them.

Even then it may be difficult to really say. The PC manufacturers usually don’t advertise things like power supply. My gut feeling is that most, if not all, Dell factory power supplies will be underpowered for a GTX280.

Yeah, I know :)…Unfortunately I work for a company that does not allow to buy assembled machines. I need to go to a branded vendor, preferrably Dell :(

Sorry about this…

These are specs for Dell Precision T7400

Processor: Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor up to 3.40GHz (1600MHz FSB, 64-bit, 2X 6MB L2 cache)


DC power supply:

Wattage 980W 80%+ efficiency

Voltage auto-sensing power supply—90 V to 265 V at 50/60 Hz

Backup battery 3-V CR2032 lithium coin cell


Temperature range -

Operating 10° to 35°C (50° to 95°F)

Storage –40° to 65°C (–40° to 149°F)



(W x H x D):

Without stand, includes feet

8.5" x 22.26" x 22.3"

21.59cm x 56.54cm x 56.6cm

With stand, includes feet

12.8 x 22.26" x 22.3"

32.5cm x 56.54cm x 56.6cm


55 lb (24.9 kg)


1 PCI-e x8 slot wired as x4

2 PCI-e x16 Gen 2 graphics slots

3 PCI-X 64bit/100MHz slots with support for 3.3v or universal cards

1 PCI 32bit/33Mhz slot

The complete specs is available at…;l=en&s=lca

That’s silly.

980W should be more than enough for 1 GTX280. (Probably enough for two, in fact, but sizing up a PSU is a bit tricky.) How much does this thing cost?

Try finding the user manual. That should have a lot of details. However, top-end cards like a GTX280 are pretty standard hardware and Dell would get a lot of angry calls if most of their PCs didn’t support them.

Buy a machine from any of these… ready to go.

Ask Dell !
I mean that seriously. If the workstation is not indented to hold a big GPU it may not fit (at least not with replacing the cooling and maybe other stuff).
They often use BTX mainboard with own cooling solutions, a simply spec investigation (e.g. voltage,slots,etc) might not be enough !

I have a Dell T7400 and it works fine with a GTX 280, although you will need a 6pin to 8pin power adapter( it is sometimes provided with the card package).
It was also discussed here :…rt=#entry431142

Dell will apparently be offering Tesla cards as options for their machines soon (January according to the Dell product guy). This would probably imply their top end machines have power supplies and cooling to cope. Well worth giving them a call though.

If you can use something other than Dell (ie not company purchasing policy etc) then its worth constructing your own. Then you can get exactly what you want in terms of motherboard / power / cooling.

Dell is already offering machines wtih GTX280s. Why not get those?

EDIT: Or rather, find a Dell that supports GTX280 as an option, buy it, and and then buy the card yourself. (Also buy extra ram and your own monitor… Dell overcharges for all of these)

Thanks a lot guys for your comments. Yes, I am planning to buy a dell machine (T7400) and add in a GTX 280 card or a quadro FX 5800 (which is much more expensive). These are much more expensive than assembled machines, but I am kind of restrained by company policy :(.


do you really need a xeon? or is it okay if your machine is equipped with a desktop cpu?

if it’s okay, try Dell gaming machines(the xps series) they are usually equipped with gaming cards such as the gtx280…

this one for example… :D