Two GTX 280s in Dell Precision T3400 -

Hello All;
I just purchased a Dell Precision T3400 Desktop PC to run a multi-display flight simulation for an exhibit. I would have perferred a Dell XPS 630 but that wasn’t an option because my custom software application required Windows XP and I was also a government purchaser. In true Dell style, I needed to purchase their (Dell’s) configurations or I had to shop elsewhere. I was instructed by the application developer that the simulation would work the best on a pair of GTX 280s (Driving three monitors) running in NON-SLI mode. So I had Dell include two GTX 280 GPUs which dell said would work with the current power supply delivered with the system (525 Watts).

I had a bit of a struggle getting the various power supply adapters but I got everything connected but didn’t power up yet until I see your response.

Can any of you see a problem running two GTX 280 GPUs (Non-SLI) in a T3400 in terms of Power Supply capability and heat dissipation among perhaps other things ? While I can’t say for sure, it looks like the system has good cooling with a huge heat sink on the fan blowing air right across the CPU CUP and alongside the back of one of the GTX 280s though I’d like to get your thoughts as well.

While the Dell salesman said it would work, I think the rating of the power supply is low at 525 Watts. If so, would you recommend upgrading to a larger Power Supply ? If so, which should be the basic specs I should look for to assure it would power the GTX 280s ?

If Heat dissipation will be a problem even with a larger power supply, can you recommend a pair of Nvidia GFX cards similar to a GTX280 that will work ?

Thanks for any and all advice you can provide.