Denoiser Questions

I have a couple of questions about the OptiX 5 denoiser:

  1. The programming guide lists one of the limitations in OptiX 5.0 as “Denoising produces flickering in a series of images rendered as an animation”. Is this limitation likely to be removed in the future, or is it a more fundamental limitation of the technique?

  2. The OptiX denoiser page ( says, “To further expand quality and performance, developers can train their own denoiser neural network using images produced by their renderer”. I just wondered if this is part of OptiX 5.0, will come in a later OptiX version, or will be something separate.

Thank you

For 2.)
Please have a look into the OptiX SDK 5.0.0\tools\denoiser_training folder of your OptiX 5.0.0 installation.
The OptiX Programing Guide chapter 6.4.1 Deep-learning based Denoiser mentions the optional custom training data buffer argument.

Thank you, I’ll take a look