OptiX 7.0 custom denoise model


I’m trying to get custom denoise model sets (OPTIX_DENOISER_MODEL_KIND_USER) working in OptiX 7.0. I have everything working in OptiX 5.0, with the help of SDKs “denoiser_training” folder scripts, I can train on my data, I can freeze, parse and output to binary blob that OptiX 5.0 can read and execute - and it does so with no problems. But the same binary blob doesn’t seem to work with OptiX 6.0, 7.0, has anything changed? Or should the same blob work without any problems on newer OptiX versions?

Thank you.

Hi @unrealdev,

Our denoiser network topology has changed (to improve performance & incorporate Turing cores) and so the old training scripts for OptiX 5 are not expected to work anymore.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had time yet to put together any docs or tutorials for the new training methods. If this is something you depend on, please contact optix-help and we can discuss what it might take and how long.


Hi @dhart,

Thank you very much for providing me with this information David, we’ll be in touch via more appropriate channels.