Optix 7 denoiser samples and questions ?

I’m trying to use the Denoiser of Optix 7 and I couldn’t find any useful documentation nor denoiser code samples. Could you provide them ? In particular :

  1. What's the difference between optixDenoiserComputeIntensity and optixDenoiserInvoke ?
  2. Could you describe optixDenoiserSetup, optixDenoiserComputeIntensity and optixDenoiserInvoke functions parameters (especially stream of type CUstream) ?
  3. Could you provide a minimal code that demonstrate the usage of the Denoiser ?

Best regards,
Colin Chargy

Hi Colin, the OptiX 7 denoiser samples and documentation are coming soon in the next update of the OptiX 7 SDK. We hurried to get the OptiX 7 SDK out in time for Siggraph, but the denoiser updates were still in progress, sorry about that.


Hi David,
Any update on that ? Do you have an ETA ?
Colin Chargy

There are OptiX 7 denoiser example programs inside the OptiX 7 SIGGRAPH course
and the new OptiX 7 advanced samples now: