Optix 7 denoiser

Can the denoiser in Optix 7 be used to denoise frames generated using DXR? I know you can do it using Optix 6’s denoiser but I am not sure if there is any way to integrate the new denoiser with DX12. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there, it should be easier in OptiX 7 than with OptiX 6, I think. You can use CUDA - DirectX interop to share buffers between the two APIs.


While we’re at that topic, examples using the OptiX 7 denoiser can be found here:
OptiX 7 SIGGRAPH Course
OptiX Apps
nvpro-sample vk_denoise

The third one is using Vulkan Raytracing and CUDA interoperability to OptiX 7 and should be a good starting point for porting the denoising part to DXR.