Old guides for optix 7.4

Hi, I’m currently developing a project based on optix 7.4 and wondering where I can find the old guides for optix 7.4. It seems that the AI denoiser has several updates and the API for temporal denoising have changed a lot.
Also, can I use temporal denoising without flow?

Please have a look into your OptiX SDK 7.4.0 local installation’s doc folder.
That should contain the OptiX Programming Guide and API Reference at the time of the SDK release.

Also, can I use temporal denoising without flow?

Well, not having flow vectors would mean there is no temporal component in your denoising, so that wouldn’t make much sense.
You can use the AOV denoisers (“kernel prediction mode”) without flow vectors.
Please have a look into the OptiX SDK’s optixDenoiser example’s README.TXT and source code for the command line options which control what type of denoising it can configure.

If possible it would always be recommended to update to the most recent OptiX SDK.
That requires specific minimum display driver versions which are listed inside the OptiX Release Notes document. Find the link to that directly below the download button of the respective OptiX SDK version on the developer.nvidia.com site.

Somewhat related (denoiser, but 7.7 guide), a small mistake:

End of section 14.1.4 says this:

Parameter hdrIntensity is used when the OPTIX_DENOISER_MODEL_KIND_AOV model kind is set.

I believe hdrAverageColor is meant rather than hdrIntensity.

Thanks for reporting it. This will be fixed with the next online documentation update.