Deploy deepstream-app for video analytics monitoring application

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

**• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU)**RTX3080
• DeepStream Version6.4
I am using deepstream-app for one video analytics monitoring project.
I have a few queries for that.

(1)We are using deepstream-app as background service running. It is run using a bash file from crontab in linux.
So we need to log errors in application as well as customized logging into the same log file. How can I produce log file for deepstream-app?
Since the application will run long time like a week or so, so that log file should not grow too big. Is there a proper way of logging in deepstream-app?

(2)Yesterday tested deepstream-app in one scenario.
The scenario is that one of rtsp sources is unplugged intentionally.
The program starts and crushed after a few iterations of run.
How can I prevent program crush? The program should continue run for other sources. Pls see in the attached image.

(3)In one test scenario, the application is running. Then unplugged one source. The application try to reconnect a few times and give up. I set big number for rtsp-reconnect-attempts in source configuration as

#Limit the rtsp reconnection attempts

But still give up after a few runs. I think there is a default number for rtsp-reconnect-attempts.

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  1. you can redirect to some file. for example, “app command-line”>1.log 2>1.log.
    there is no automatic log splitting. you can use command-line to rename the log from time to time.
    2,3. you can set rtsp-reconnect-interval-sec and rtsp-reconnect-attempts to enable reconnection functionality. deepstream-app code is opensource. the default of rtsp-reconnect-attempts is -1, the variable will be updated to the actual value if rtsp-reconnect-attempts is set. please refer to watch_source_status in deepstream_source_bin.c for when the reconnection attempt will end.

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