Deprecation plans for 32-bit Linux-x86 CUDA toolkit and CUDA driver

NVIDIA support for developing and running 32-bit Linux-x86 CUDA and OpenCL applications is deprecated. Specifically:

  • The Linux-x86 version of the CUDA toolkit is still available and supported, today.
  • Future versions of the CUDA toolkit might not be provided for Linux-x86.
  • The Linux-x86 CUDA driver is included and supported in the NVIDIA Linux-x86 and Linux-x86_64 GPU driver packages, as of the 331.xx release series.
  • The CUDA driver might not be included in future releases of the NVIDIA Linux-x86 and Linux-x86_64 GPU driver packages.
  • As new CUDA features are introduced in the meantime, they may not be available to 32-bit applications on Linux-x86.
  • All of the above also apply to x86 components used on Linux-x86_64.
  • This notice applies to x86 architectures only; 32-bit Linux applications are still officially supported and are not deprecated on the ARM architecture.
  • This notice does not apply to non-CUDA components of the NVIDIA Linux GPU driver package.

It’s very bad idea.
Linux-x86 is more popular, than Linux-x86_64.
Please support Linux-x86 and Linux-x86_64 together.
In Russia Windows x86 is more popular, than x86_64. I did not see Windows x86_64 in my town never.

CUDA/OpenCL is quite useless on 32-bit systems anyway. I specifically disable it on legacy 32-bit builds in our applications (due to memory constraints making larger calculations impossible).

I don’t know what densa is talking about. Maybe he is didn’t read the entire post where it explicitly indicates that normal display drivers will continue.

Cuda 6 still can download 32bits pure version (and 32bit libraries include in 64bits version)

the 32bit deprecation is for cuda 7 releases?