Detecting camera configuration automatically

Hi Guys,
According to L4T document, “If your camera module has onboard EEPROM and is programmed with a valid camera ID, you can use Plugin Manager to register it.”

In our application, we need use different camera with different lane setting, for example, camera A with two lanes; camera B with 4 lanes; to connect to the same CSI
interface of jetson nano.

So we should change the :
Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/hardware/nvidia/platform/t210/porg/kernel-dts/porg-plugin-manager/tegra210-porg-plugin-manager.dtsi to make it happened, right?

I check the device tree of tegra210-porg-plugin-manager.dtsi, there are statements below:
fragement@10 {
ids = “>=3448-0000-300”, “>=3448-0002-300”;

                    /* IMX219 dual sensor module */

It looks that the system determines which hardware is connected by checking the “ids” right? And this ids of “>=3448-0000-300” should be the product code of jetson nano, is it correct?
If we use EEPROM of the camera module, how can the system know the content of that EEPROM? Is it any example of the EEPROM connection to jetson nano and any example of the EEPROM content? Thanks a lot!

Have a check the design guide.

Thanks a lot, it helps!