New Camera interfacing with nvidia jetson nano

Hi…i am porting the custom camera driver on nvidia jetson nano board. I have already tested the camera driver with different hardware platform and it works fine.
Could you please tell me which camera driver reference (using 4.9.140 tegra kernel) to be taken in order to port my camera driver(uses standard v4l2 driver framework) on jetson nano…?
Also how to update device tree for my new camera device…can i get reference for the same…?

Have a check below document.

Thanks for the link.
I able to port the driver for my custom camera with reference to imx185 sensor driver and updated device tree, driver is successfully probing and also i can see the v4l2 device entry in /dev directory.
But when i am running my custom application , it is getting zero data (all zeros in buffer dequeued from camera device) from camera…could you please help me…?