Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide R32.2.1 documents issue

There seems some documents issue with current version (R32.2.1) Sensor software driver programming guide.

for example,

To add camera modules to a device tree
1.Locate or create a tegra-camera-platform device tree node in the kernel source tree at:


Where is the directory where you installed the board support package.

there is no t19x folder at all in kernel source. only t210 folder. And there is no such dtsi file existed.

How I can locate this dtsi file as example if I want to add a new camera?

hello sunxishan,

documentation point-out the device tree node in the kernel source tree for Xavier platforms.
please access L4T sources via download center, you’ll found two packages, one for Jetson-Xavier and also TX2, the other for TX1 and Nano.
please also note that, we include device trees supported for Jetson-Nano as below.


Thanks a lot Jerry.
Another question, do you have documents specified for Jetson Nano Kernel source tree? Or I have to dig out by myself with Xavier kernel documents?


hello sunxishan,

for the sensor driver development, they’re sharing same kernel drivers, besides using different version of VI drivers.
please note that,
Jetson-Nano and TX1 working with VI-2, whereas Jetson-TX2 using VI-4, and Xavier using VI-5.
for example,

you may access Tutorials page, expand [Developer Tools] session, and refer to [V4L2 Sensor Driver Development Tutorial] for the more details of driver implementation.