Detection issue of M.2 nvme SSD


Here, I am reaching out for the guidance to solve the detection issue of M.2 nvme SSD.

We are trying to integrate the M.2 nvme SSD as the external device in Xavier NX 16GB emmc som.

Randomly we could detect the SSD successfully. But other times or for several other reboots we couldn’t even detect the SSD though we had formatted and partitioned the SSD priorly. Here, I have enclosed the dmesg log in the case of successful SSD detection.

Kindly, clarify this query.

I would say if this is custom board, put your SSD to NV devkit and see if you also see similar behavior.

Hi, We encountered the similar behavior of SSD non-detection in devkit also.

Could you test if this is happened to specific SSD?

We had verified and confirmed this same issue in two variants of SSD(Transcend TS512GMTE112S & Transcend TS1TMTE710T-CTI) by connecting to the devkit.

I mean do you have other kind of SSD besides Transecned?

Basically such issue would just happen to specific kind of SSD.

We are facing this same issue in Samsung SSD (Model no: MZ-V8P1T0). So, we would like to know is there any fix for this issue of SSD non-detection or is there any other possible way to configure this PCIe SSD during the boot time itself?


Just a FYI that I am not able to just give you a “hey I know how to fix this by xxx” answer.
Please share me the dmesg when you fail to get this SSD detected and also the lspci -vvv result.

Also, try to bind and rebind the pcie controller and see if that gives you the PCIe detection afterwards. This would also give hint.


dmesg log when ssd is not detected

Result of lspci -vvv given here when ssd is not detected,

Just a clarification.

I need your result based on devkit with pure sdkm image + latest jetpack.
I don’t and cannot debug on your custom board.

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