NVMe detection issue - handshake established only for GEN1 in failure case

Dear NVidia Team

We already opened two topics about having sometimes issues with the detection of a NVMe under JetPack 4.6:

Now the SSD provider looked further into the issue and was able to see that for the successful case, the platform handshake is established twice (First Gen1 and then Gen3):

For the situation, where the SSD is not recognized successful, the platform only established one handshake (Gen1):

Do you have such experience under JetPack 4.6 and therefore had to integrate bootloader patches for JP4.6.1?
The NVME Provider suspects that the host did not try to create PCIe GEN3 link for the failure situation.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

Hi Kayccc

We would still like to know if your patches addressed the issue we see in order to understand better, why the NVMe sometimes does not get detected with JetPack 4.6.
Thank you.

Suggest to move on JetPack 5.1 GA SW to try to see if can be reproduced. Thanks

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