M.2 nvme SSD detection issue

We use a M.2 M key nvme SSD(Kingston OM8PDP3256B-AB1) on our carrier board.
However, Xavier NX SOM can’t detect it. (can’t find it by lspci)
Here’s what we did:

  1. Issue happens when using Xavier Devkit.
  2. Issue doesn’t happen when using Nano or TX2 NX.
  3. Issue happens when SSD disk system is NTFS.
  4. Issue doesn’t happen when SSD disk system is ext4.

Is there any suggestion for us to solve this problem?


I am curious about point 3 and 4.

You are talkinga about…

  1. Use the host to create a ext4 file system on the NVMe.

  2. Put it to jetson and it will be detected.

  3. On jetson, either format this nvme or format it + create a NTFS partition.

  4. Reboot and it will not get detected???

Hi WayneWWW,

Considering this procedure(same carrier).

  1. Format the NVMe as ext4 with Jetson Nano.
  2. Change SOM to Jeston Xavier NX.
  3. Turn on system, the NVMe can be detected.
  4. Format this NVMe to NTFS.
  5. Reboot system, Xavier NX can still detect this NVMe.
  6. However, shutdown system then turn on system, Xavier NX can’t detect this one.
  7. Change SOM to Nano, Nano can detect it.
  8. Format this NVMe to ext4, then change SOM to Xavier NX, and Xavier
    can detect this NVMe.

It’s a little strange, but this is a issue what we faced.



Since you mentioned Nano, I guess you are not using devkit to test. Please use devkit to test and just use NX to do the disk format work. I am not sure why you need to switch SOM here.

Hi Wayne,

  1. From the start, I’ve said when using Devkit, the issue still happens.
  2. To switch SOM is just bucause Xavier can’t detect NTFS NVMe, I need to use Nano to format NVMe to another format to check.
    I think You can ignore the portion of switching Nano.

Thanks .

I guess you better using a clean setup. #3 test looks like from a custom board. Please just follow our procedure here.
We don’t want to debug custom board to prevent unnecessary problem.

  1. Use NX devkit + NX module. Do not switch any of SOM here. NX should always be on the devkit.

  2. I don’t care about where the ext4 NVMe comes from. Just assume you have a NVMe with ext4 partition here.

  3. Plug it to the NX devkit. Cold boot for like 20 times, would it all get detected every time?

  4. Use the NX devkit to format it to NTFS. Cold boot for another 20 times, would it all not get detected?

  5. Does this issue happen to other kind of NVMe SSD?

  6. If ext4

Hi WayneWWW,

  1. We have 2 kinds of Xavier NX module, one with SD slot is from devkit, the other has eMMC on board.
  2. Both of the 2 modules are checked on devkit carrier board.
  3. The below content is our SW team did for the test.

We download the codebase(JETPACK 4.6 REV.3) form SDK manager, the folder name is /nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_4.6_Linux_JETSON_XAVIER_NX_TARGETS/Linux_for_Tegra
and using the following command to create SD and EMMC images:
step 1: sudo ./apply_binaries.sh
step 2: sudo ./tools/jetson-disk-image-creator.sh -o sd_nx_32.6.1.img -b jetson-xavier-nx-devkit
step 3: sudo BOARDID=3668 BOARDSKU=0001 FAB=100 FUSELEVEL=fuselevel_production ./nvmassflashgen.sh jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc mmcblk0p1

Then using SD image for Jetson Xavier NX (P3668-0000) Developer kit version with Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit carrier board (P3509)
The result: Can detect NVME(both ext4 and NTFS)(check for 20 times).
Using EMMC image for Jetson Xavier NX (P3668-0001)Production version with Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit carrier board (P3509)
The result: Can detect ext4 NVME, but NTFS NVME can’t be detected(check for 20 times).

What’s the different inside SOM between Xavier NX with SD slot and eMMC?



We cannot reproduce your issue with the NVMe drive on our side. I am still able to see device in lspci and lsblk with NTFS.

Please check if this only happens to specific NVMe drive.

Hi WayneWWW,
We’ve tried other vendors. It seems Innodisk, WD, Transcend don’t have this issue. I’ve sent a mail to Kinston FAE for this issue.
However, we still want to know:

  1. Why this issue just happens on Xavier, not on Nano and TX2.
  2. Test on devkit carrier, why there’s different result on SOM with SD slot and eMMC?
  3. Why does different disk format cause different result?

We think the above questions can be answered only by NVIDIA.


Could you share the dmesg and lspci when error happened?

Hi WayneWWW,
Please check them(Data is gotten from SOM with eMMC+devkit carrier).
dmesg (67.5 KB)
lspci (6.9 KB)


Hi WayneWWW,
Any update?