Nvme ssd can't be detected

I have two jetson nx and one nvme ssd,One of them cannot be recognized normally,when I use “lspci -v”:

and the other ones,“lspci -v”:

I don’t know what’s wrong with the Jetson device that can’t recognize the SSD. How can I troubleshoot this problem? thank you

Are these two “xavier nx” based on same sku, same carrier board and same jetpack version?

yes! I use the same nx core board, based on same sku, Ensure that the system is consistent

Sorry, what does “core board” mean? Module or carrier board?

Please try to use precise terms here.

sorry, I mean … use the same jetson nx Module :

So only the carrier board gets changed?

right,only change carrier board,but now I dont konw how to check this (hardware)problem?

Are both boards your custom board or devkits?

One is the official kit,and the other is my custom board(nvme ssd cannot be recognized),could you give me some help to debug this problem(maybe I must check the pcie clock Or other?)?thanks!

The custom board is designed by you? Did you follow the Design Guide and reference devkit carrier schematic to make your design? Also there are routing guidelines in DG which is to guarantee signal quality. You can start from schematic checklist sheet (attached in DG) and check the layout routing later.

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