NVMe drive is not recognised by Xavier

This issue is related to the Xavier that had a problem with a WD Black NVMe drive (see USB and network not working on Xavier Development Kit - #14 by WayneWWW).

Unfortunately putting another NVMe drive (Samsung SSD 980) in this Xavier doesn’t work. The Xavier is able to boot with the new drive and both USB and network are working. However, the NVMe disk is not detected during boot when running dmesg nor is it shown with the command lspci . The same Samsung M.2 SSD in another Xavier is working perfectly, so there must be something wrong with the connector? Do you have any suggestions?

Is your “another xavier” also a AGX xavier? or Xavier NX?

Are both of them using same jetpack version?

Yes they’re both AGX and are running the same version of Jetpack. Do you need the serial numbers? The working one works with both NVMe SSDs (WD and Samsung), and the other one doesn’t work with both.

Could you swap the module and see if this is carrier board problem as you suspect?

I will do that.

If I swap the “faulty” module with the working base board, everything works as expected (booting, USB and network working and NVMe is recognised and booting).

Then please RMA that module and carrier board.

What do I need to do to RMA the board? Do you have a link?

Thank you for your help.

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