NVMe SSD cannot connect to the Jetson AGX Xavier?

Hello, developers.
Recently, I just set up my AGX Xavier, and wanted to add a new NVMe SSD into it following some on-line tutorials. However, I have tried install two brands of SSD, namely Samsung 970 PRO and Intel 760P, but they both did not work. I input ‘sudo fdisk -lu’, and cannot find them in the result. I wanna know what is the problem with my AGX Xavier device? Can you help me please?

Do you see this device in lspci?

no, there are only a PCI bridge and SATA controller
PCI bridge: NVIDIA Corporation Device 1ad2 (rev a1)
SATA controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Device 9171 (rev 13)

Could you share the dmesg with device connected?

dmesg.txt (74.4 KB)
Please click the file link

Do you connect it to the M.2 key M slot on the board or the PCIe slot?

I followed the video tutorial on Youtube, it should be M.2 slot

Could you try those patches in this thread?

Sorry, I do not know how to modify these patches clearly, could you please tell me more about specific operation?

Download the kernel source from the dlc and check the l4t developer guide to build the kernel and kernel dtb first.

Well, I have finished the building work of kernel and kernel dtb, so what’s next?

Kernel and kernel dtb have been built already. If could, please give me more guidance. Where can I find the settings mentioned in [970 PRO NVMe M.2 1TB SSD is not detected on Xavier dev kit](http://970 PRO NVMe M.2 1TB SSD is not detected on Xavier dev kit).


The first thing to do is to find out which dtb is in use for your board. Though there are lots of dtb there. Only one of them would get flashed into your board. You shall see it in your flash log.

After you find the dtb, check the corresponding dts file. For example, if your board is using “xxxx1234.dtb”, then go to check “xxxx1234.dts”. This dts will include other dts files too. Thus you may need to go down and search the node you need. Please find the corresponding nodes and add/modify those properties mentioned in the forum threads.

Sorry, @WayneWWW I am really not good at kernel building, so in order to ensure that my improper operation will not cause any negative impact on the machine, I did not complete the steps you said.But I have detected that the M.2 Key port of the machine should be defective. I want to directly repair or replace it. Is there any way in China?


Please file RMA request and someone will come to help you.

Thanks for your reply, but my machine was purchased in 2018 and it should have exceeded the product warranty period. Can I still apply for an RMA? If not, can I try to expand Xavier with TF card or WIFI module transformed to SATA3.0?