Xavier AGX Missing NVMe M.2 Screw

I’m having an issue with my AGX where I cannot install an NVMe SSD into it because it didn’t arrive with the mounting screw. I see devluka7 also had a similar issue, but I’m not sure how/if they got it sorted.
Any recommendations?

In PC hardware motherboards, the motherboards often come with little packs of screws, but that’s not the general case for industrial hardware, where you are frequently expected to provide your own fasteners and bolts. I imagine these dev kits take after the industrial side, not the PC hobbyist side.

I just used another screw. It’s a standard size; if you don’t have one in your “miscellaneous screws” drawer, then a hardware store should have one. Or, worst case, go to a place like mcmaster.com or amazon.com (or whatever is similar wherever you live.)
Some options:

The size screw you need is “M2 3mm” (or perhaps “M2 2.5mm” if that’s easier to find.)
Ideally you’d get a “flat head” screw, but I used a thin cap screw because that’s what I had.

Right - I assumed the Xavier would use standard NVMe screws since it takes a standard NVMe drive, but no dice. The screws on the Xavier are significantly larger than standard PC motherboard NVMe screws.

My main concern is that I’m technically still within warranty and my developer kit has significantly appreciated in value since I bought it so I’m not sure I’d be able to replace it if my warranty was voided because of non-standard or out of spec screws.

I’ve reached out to NVIDIA support, Hopefully we can figure out a way to get around this super simple issue.

Also, interestingly enough NVIDIA’s Support site lists Jetson Kits under “Consumer Support” instead of “Enterprise Support” or other options.

Unless you drill into the motherboard or something, I doubt there will be a problem.

Not only are NVIDIA developer support pretty reasonable people, but in California (where NVIDIA are headquartered,) “warranty void if removed” stickers are illegal, and minor changes like carefully using screws in provided threads are not reason to deny warranty service.

I get where you’re coming from snarky, but I was just hoping to find proper screw measurements for the soldered threaded insert. Unfortunately, I don’t have an assortment of machine screws. I don’t want to cross thread the insert. The screw is non-standard by PC motherboard standards(I already tried, as others have as well) and there are many available screw dimensions ranging from M2, M2.5, M3…

I also believe NVIDIA developer support are reasonable people, but I don’t want to be in a position where I have to discuss the legality of “warranty void if removed” stickers. I was just hoping to get NVMe and Wifi working on my Jetson :/

Edit: Sorry for never clarifying, I think the M2 screws you mentioned are too small, and the amazon link you provided links to the same style “standard” PC NVMe screws which are too small and don’t fit the Jetson. In fact, the product page shows the screws being used with standoffs which is not the case with the Jetson. My first post has a link to devluka7 which shows the precise issue.

@PieGuyX1000 You are right! I was misremembering.

I pulled the AGX Xavier from my robot and opened it up to look at the screw used for the M.2 drive I have in it, and it’s an ultra low profile head M3x3. I checked the thread with a thread gauge and the length with some Mitutoyo calipers, so I feel reasonably certain this is correct. An M3 nut threaded all the way up on it. Given how short it is, that’s only a few turns, though.

Also, given how the module/cooler assembly attaches to the carrier, I wouldn’t recommend a longer screw or taller head. And it looks like McMaster has very few M3x3 screws. Although a M3x4 flat-head (beveled underside) is probably just as good; those screws measure to top-of-head.
Try this one: McMaster-Carr

Although, if your device has a through-hole without threads in it, that seems like a manufacturing error (like the picture from devluka7) – no screw is going to stick in that :-)

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