Determine Index of Access Unit


My company is currently working on a game streaming project and we’re using the NVidia Encoder to encode each frame and we’re using the NVidia Decoder to decode. We are using HEVC config.

We want to know if the index or number of the frame is stored in the payload somewhere so we can determine what frame number it is. We want to compare the number of frames we’ve received to the index of the last frame we received to determine if any packets were lost on the network. We could then request a new IDR frame from the server. Unfortunately I couldn’t find info on this in the HEVC spec.

I really appreciate any help on this.


Traditionally higher order protocols than just the elementary data (NAL units) is used in situations you mention. For example MP4, MPEG-TS, MMT and so on.

We use EFP internally ->

EFP provides PTS / frame counter or whatever you put in the PTS (uint64_t) field. It also provides information if the data is broken or not. + much more (read the pdf included in the project).

Is that what you are looking for?


Thanks for that. We’ll take a look.

Though I can add my own metadata to the video stream payloads if required to provide me with the frame number. I just wanted to know if there was a counter or index as part of the access unit or even each nal unit in HEVC.

If higher protocols are required, I might just add my own metadata for the moment.