Develop deepstream base on new version of Gstreamer

• system : Ubuntu 18.04 server and Jetpack

• Issue Type :new requirements

Hi,every one.
I want to develop deepstream base on version v1.19 of Gstreamer.
Gstreamer 1.19.2 repo

Does Deepstream support non-default (1.14.5 base on ubuntu 18.04 ) versions of GStreamer?

Looking forward to receiving your reply,thanks.

No. The version is 1.14.5.

Hi @Fiona.Chen
Thank you for your reply

What happens if I force the deepstream to be based on gsteramer 1.19.2?
Unable to install?
Some uncertain bugs at runtime?
I need some features of the new version of GStreamer, so I want to know what the risks are

We don’t support1.19.2. Nothing can be guaranteed now.

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