Developing 3D engine using C++ and Vulkan(Including RTX support one day) - looking for develops to help make it happen.


I have been coding since the 90’s, and have released a few minor succesfully 3D engines over the years, Vivid3D/Trinity3D/Aurora - Probably not heard of them, but I am quite skilled in the concept.

So upon the announcement of RTX cards and their features, I was highly motivated to create a modern 3D engine, in C++(Visual studio 2017) using Vulkan. Atm I have a GTX 1060 - which is and is more than enough to build the base engine. In a few months I’ll be getting a RTX 2070 to implement raytracing into the engine etc.

The engine has only been in dev for a week or so, but it already has a basic structure, using classes. It will be a easy to use 3D engine, with support for model imports using AssImp.

So my point is, I am looking for any other Vulkan coders, who might be interested in helping develop the engine? The code is on GitHub - open but I can make it private if we decide to commercialize the engine to make money/support futher development.

I want to make a Deus Ex like mini-game to test and promote the engine, so you can help with that too, even if you are a 3D artist and interested, because I am just a coder atm.

So yeah, if anyone is interested pls drop me a email or reply here, and I’ll add you to the gitHub project(I’ll need your github username)

Note - a C# wrapper is planned also, if you are a c# coder and would like to help with that, demos/wrapper etc, that would be very cool.

Thank you.

Sorry my email is < video preview