Development for tegra k1

Hello. I want to create a game for tegra k1 on the unreal engine. Tegra k1 supports opengl es 3.1, and unreal needs version 3.2. I want to take advantage of tegra and release the game on a regular desktop opengl. How exactly can I do this? I can’t find the necessary parameters in the engine. Do I need to download any additional programs?

I found some information. First, tegra k1 supports opengl ES 3.2. I changed my firmware to custom and the new drivers have support. Secondly, in the engine itself it is written that there is version 3.1, although on the official website in the documentation it is written that it is 3.2. And I checked, it does not work on 3.1. Further. The engine has a compilation for desktop vulkan, I want to try it, maybe the tablet will launch it like this? In general, I will be testing. If anything, I will write here, suddenly it will be useful to someone.