Device tree auto reverse to origin after flash done

Hi bros,
I flashed dtb with jetson nano by command:

sudo dd if=tegra210-p3448-0000-p3449-0000-a02.dtb.encrypt of=/dev/mmcblk0p10

It work on 1st reboot but after reboot 2nd without dd command above. My device tree reverse to origin.

Any suggest help me.


Hello @hoanganhv1svm
Are you sure it worked.? Because the DTB flashing using dd command reflects it changes in the system after a reboot only. Plus You can verify if the intended DTB is flashed by checking the DTB build time after the reboot by command dmesg | grep -i dtb
Also, May I know which L4T Version are you using.?

I am wondering what release you are using? There was similar issue on jetpack4.2.1 but should already be resolved in JP4.3 or JP4.4 EA. Need to find out the old topic.

Hi Sarath,

I’m sure dd work, “reboot” that mean i flash by dd command and “reboot” 1st time, i can see “/proc/device-tree” changed.
If i “reboot” again without dd command, device tree is reverse to origin.
I’m using Jetpack 4.3


Hi Wayne,

I’m using jetpack 4.3. Jetpack 4.2 error similar.
Jetson nano A02, B01 error similar


Should be duplicated with this thread.

But your method to update dtb seems not right. It is not encrypted or signed.

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I think my dtb is signed because i found it on:


But you solution above is final solution :)

Thank for your support