Device Tree Settings for Custom IMX335 Camera

I’m trying to integrate Sony’s IMX335 image sensor into NVIDIA’s camera framework and have questions on how to set the following device tree parameters:

  • line_length: The natively integrated IMX219 image sensor has a specific control register designated for line length. But how do you determine the line length for other image sensors such as IMX335 that doesn’t have a corresponding control register? Do you simply set it equal to active_w or there is some convention that I should follow?
  • pix_clk_hz: According to Sensor Pixel Clock, I have three ways to calculate the sensor pixel clock. The IMX335 datasheet doesn’t provide much information on the internal PLL, so that leaves me with the last two options. However, they turn out to be different from each other. On one hand, pixel_clk_hz = sensor data rate per lane * number of lanes / bits per pixel = 1188 M * 2 / 10 = 237600000. On the other, pixel_clk_hz = sensor output size * frame rate = (2616 * 1964) * 30 = 154134720. Which one should I use?

The line_length doesn’t matter with the active_w(output size), Please consult with sensor vendor for it.

Also the pix_clk_hz “Depending on the information provided by the sensor vendors”

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