Difference between objLCCurrCnt vs objLCCumCnt using NvDsAnalyticsFrameMeta

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Hi, I am using the analytics plugin and I am trying to get the count of the line crossing set and came across two definitions objLCCumCnt and objLCCurrCnt.

What is the difference between those two?

objLCCumCnt definition states that: “it holds a map of total cumulative count of Line crossing for configured lines

objLCCurrCnt Holds a map of total count of Line crossing in current frame for configured lines

what does current frame means?
I ran the application with 3 sample videos and only one line and objLCCumCnt came with the cumulative counts that show on the screen and for objLCCurrCnt the value was always 0.

What will happen if I have multiple lines? , are all going to be added into objLCCumCnt?
Answer for this; I figured I can retrieve the cumulative count using using key, value pair; where key is the line crossing label. So it is not adding a cumulative for all the lines.

objLCCumCnt will accumulate the count while objLCCurrCnt only is the count in current frame. you can run sample deepstream-nvdsanalytics-test to check.

yes, every frame has own objLCCumCnt and objLCCurrCnt, please check parse_nvdsanalytics_meta_data.

I am trying to understand what count in current frame means. I understand now so basically, it means that the count in the current frame will give me the number of objects that crossed the line in a particular frame, for example: if three people crossed the line at the same time in frame number 10 I will get that objLCCurrCnt is 3 for frame 10, correct?

yes, objLCCurrCnt=3 is only for frame 10, after frame 15, if there is no people crossing, objLCCurrCnt will be 0, but objLCCumCnt is still greater than or equal to 3.

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