Differences between ISP pipelines between Jetson AGX Xavier / AGX Orin and NX Orin

Hello all,

I’m using a camera module that outputs bayer data with Jetson AGX Xavier, we’re using a custom isp file (camera_overrides.isp). I want to use this camera module with Jetson AGX Orin and Jetson NX Orin but i don’t what are the differences between the 3 ISP of this boards.
Can you please share some documentations or explain what is the difference between the 3 ISP ?

Also the only source i found from Jetson AGX Xavier ISP is this screenshot but i didn’ found the document of this latter, can you provide it


The ISP tuning material only release to camera partner.
Please contact with partner for IQ tuning.


Hi @ShaneCCC

Thank you for your answer, i’m aware that there is a specific calibration tool that can be used only by nvidia partners to generate custom ISP, but i just want to know if AGX Xavier and AGX Orin have different ISP hardware or it’s the same pipeline ?


Yes, it’s different ISP HW for Xavier and Orin.


@ShaneCCC Can you please give some examples about the main differences according to their tuning parameters ?

Sorry I don’t have idea for it. Usually the tool able detect the chip to generate proper parameters for it.

Can you tell if the Orin NX and the AGX Orin have the same ISP architecture ?

Yes the Orin series is the same ISP architecture but the working clock is different. (performance)

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