Camera captures from Orin are drastically different than from Xavier

After we got our camera system working on the Orin thanks to this forum post, we are seeing very different image captures between it and our Xavier using the same hardware setup.

We adjusted our PWL curve to fit within the specified limits and applied it to both our Xavier and Orin. The Xavier image looks reasonable:

But the Orin image is very dark:

We are using the same camera board and the same image sensor settings for both captures.

We are using a simple logarithmic PWL curve:

mode_type = "bayer_wdr_pwl";
dynamic_pixel_bit_depth = "16";
csi_pixel_bit_depth = "12";
num_control_point = "9";
control_point_x_0 = "0";
control_point_x_1 = "446";
control_point_x_2 = "1617";
control_point_x_3 = "3469";
control_point_x_4 = "6597";
control_point_x_5 = "13365";
control_point_x_6 = "21217";
control_point_x_7 = "37300";
control_point_x_8 = "65535";

control_point_y_0 = "0";
control_point_y_1 = "97";
control_point_y_2 = "255";
control_point_y_3 = "452";
control_point_y_4 = "732";
control_point_y_5 = "1243";
control_point_y_6 = "1758";
control_point_y_7 = "2684";
control_point_y_8 = "4095";

Should we expect captures from an Orin to be the same to captures from a Xavier with the same general settings? We have not had ISP tuning done by our imaging partner yet. Will tuning remedy this?
We would like to use the Xavier to perform data capture for models that will eventually be used on the Orin, so we need to make sure the captures will be identical between the two.

Please replace the libs in /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/tegra/ and reboot to try if help on it.
Also confirm the sensor gain/exposure configure is reasonable. (132.6 KB) (845.7 KB) (8.4 MB)

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The new binaries have made the captures from the Orin much brighter. They look significantly closer to the Xavier’s captures. Still need to do some more testing to see exactly how close they are.

Can you share some details on what changed? Is it reasonable to expect exposures from the Xavier and Orin to be nearly identical?

It’s know problem for digital gain.
This fixed will be there in next release.

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Is there a timeline for the next releases?

Please check the SW roadmap from Jetson Roadmap | NVIDIA Developer

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