Different nvidia-settings entries in ubuntu and debian

Hi everyone,
why in ubuntu 20.04 (on the top) I’ve all those entries, while in debian stable/testing (below) I have a lot fewer? I installed nvidia drivers in ubuntu through gui and in debian through “apt install nvidia-driver”. So precisely I installed the nvidia 450.66 drivers.

In debian I’ve also same problems and maybe this has to do with this missing entries in nvidia-settings.
Indeed installing the drivers for my Nvidia GeForce 950m, the screen sporadically does graphical glitches. These consist of flickering, until I move the mouse abruptly.
I also installed bumblebee to try to improve the situation, but nothing changes and not even in nvidia-settings what I need appears.
Tried also to use nvidia-xconf, but nothing.

Here the screen of both:

Finally, this is nvidia-bug-report of debian, where there are problems -> nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (323.1 KB)

Ubuntu have added patches to nvidia-settings for their prime support, don’t expect other distros to do the same.

Thanks for the reply. Ok, but can I reproduce the same situation on other distos, for example Debian?

It looks like the Debian install is using a render offload configuration, where the Intel integrated GPU is being used to render your desktop and your NVIDIA discrete GPU is only used when explicitly requested. See Chapter 34: PRIME Render Offload in the README for more information about that.

The Ubuntu one looks like it’s likely configured in display offload mode where the whole desktop runs on the dGPU and the iGPU is only used to drive the internal display panel. This difference in nvidia-settings behavior is expected in these two different modes.

Ok thanks.