different version driver

Dear all,

From the installation document https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-installation-guide-linux/index.html, table 3, “No Action” needed for installing different versions using runfile packages.

So I already had cuda 9 installed previously with runfile method, and now I want to install cuda 10. Can I just go ahead and install cuda 10 with runfile without uninstalling cuda 9? Will the different versions driver co-exist, or the old one will be covered by new one automatically?

Thank you very much.


Yes, you can just install the new toolkit.

The old driver will be replaced by the new driver in the new toolkit installer.

Thank you very much.

Also from the table 3, if an early version driver was installed by Deb package, to install the new version, the old Deb must be uninstalled first. I have another ubuntu machine whose driver was installed by “apt install nvidia-driver” previously. Any idea I must uninstall the nvidia-driver package first or just install the new runfile package which will cover the old one?

Thanks again.

if you installed previously by apt, that is a package install method. If you wish to switch to a runfile install method, you need to follow the instructions.