DIGITS: Deep Learning GPU Training System

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/digits-deep-learning-gpu-training-system/

The hottest area in machine learning today is Deep Learning, which uses Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) to teach computers to detect recognizable concepts in data. Researchers and industry practitioners are using DNNs in image and video classification, computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, and audio recognition, among other applications. The success of DNNs has…

awesome work

brilliant!Good job!

Any idea where we can find a recording of today's DIGITS webinar?

Does anyone know where the AMI for digits is released?

Also, I don't see where in digits the test accuracy for models is reported?

Hi Michael, the accuracy of the network is posted in real time while training. It will look like what is shown in Figure 5 above.

Hi Daniel, Links to the recording and presentation are below,

Is it possible to see the training progress graphs of an externally created network? I mean, it looks like DIGITS is only for image data networks, but I want to use Caffe for numerical data and I want to use DIGITS just to monitor the learning rate, etc.

Any news on EC2 AMI with DIGITS pre-installed ?

Unfortunately, it has not been posted.

However, you could download the DIGITS installer (http://developer.nvidia.com... onto a AWS AMI to get started now. You will need a g2.2xlarge instance with Ubuntu 14.04.

Once the DIGITS AMI is available I will post information on it.


Right, DIGITS is only for image data at this time. Currently you cannot use the visualization tools in DIGITS for other types of data.

Thank you Allison, I tried it (installed it) and discovered it's not possible.
I think it would be great to be able to use DIGITS for that kind of use cases. I was able to start creating a custom network and see the visualization of the graph, but nothing else.

I have almost the same question. I am running Ubuntu with a virtual
machine (i.e. low memory and no GPU support) and I would like to use
DIGITS only for classification of images by loading the
network that I trained with Caffe under Windows. Do you know if it's possible? Thanks in advance for your help.

DIGITS creates the same network files that caffe does and it is easy to load a pretrained network.

The last time I tired to just paste in externally created network files, it didn't work. I was missing some of the configuration files that DIGITS creates and uses to load pretrained networks. I did not look into recreating mock versions of the missing files. Outside of this brief attempt some time ago, I haven't spent much time on this. Things may be different now. Please post this question on the DIGITS Users Google forum and someone will get back to you.

Thanks for the the reply! I will go on trying DIGITS and post on the forum. Regards. Stephane

So why isn't there any real deep learning work being done for Windows? Most all the work is pointing toward Linux. What is the reasoning behind this trend?

I have noticed a similar trend when I peruse deep learning sites as well. But Windows can be used for deep learning work. You can build and use Theano. I have it running on my Windows machine. You can use Caffe on Windows too. Here is a really helpful blog post about building it with Visual Studio 2013, https://initialneil.wordpre...

Someone else asked a similar question on github. You can find instructions for loading a pretrained network and performing classification on one or many here- https://github.com/NVIDIA/D...