DirectX Compute Shader Example Code

I am very interested in looking into Compute shader example code for DirectX10. Any chance that you guys will release some examples? I am aware of the example in the March SDK.

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Look at this:…topic_id=516043

Thanks for the link! I am looking into good examples how to implement particle systems with the Compute Shader for DX 10 cards … a good starting point would help me.

I read that link and I really appreciate you don’t have to do all that stuff in CUDA :)
Why is stuff from Microsoft always soooo complicated?

Well, because this is MICROSOFT.
What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You… Stranger :D

Oh my god, i´ve just finished my CUDA project and now Ive seen ComputeShader Example from DX11 DSK and… what is that??? its so dificult, i prefer CUDA thousand times, developers should stay with CUDA, damm Microsoft!, what kind of code do you want people to write!!

Hi there,

I’ve written up a brief primer on programming DirectCompute. Its very basic intended for those who may not have seen DirectX programming previously at all.

Its a wiki page and so if there’s parts people would like to add or comment on, feel free to contact me for wiki write access.


But for guys who are familar with DX10/11 programming,DXCompute may also be a good choice since the code style is similar and easier to intergrate into a DX Graphics app.

You can download the GPU Computing SDK here:

Aside from OpenCL, it also includes C for Cuda and DirectCompute samples.

And I suppose you mean DirectX11? Compute Shaders can work on DirectX10 hardware (CS4.0), but only through the DirectX11 API.