DirectX Compute Shader support on 9300 M

Well I’ve read here
that “DirectX Compute is supported on current DX10 class GPU’s”.
I have question: can I try out CS 4.x on my GeForce 9300 M?
I ask this question because after I read this…topic_id=516043
I check my support of
but unfortunately it is FALSE.
Anybody can help me?
I use Windows 7 beta and last NVIDIA drivers for it

Yes, DirectX Compute is supported on all GeForce 8 series GPUs and above, but you need a release 185 driver (for example 185.68) which I don’t think we’ve released for Windows 7 yet.

Thanks Simon! I’ve just installed Windows Vista 185.68 drivers for Windows 7 and it’s work!!!

Btw, Where did you find the link for the download?

Try this:

I tried Compute Shader on my GTX 280, with display driver 185.85 and CUDA driver 185.85.
I’ve tested all 4 DX11 demos provided by MS in their DirectxSDK.
Only the MultithreadedRendering11 works on hardware. The other could only run on reference.
Is there anything I need to do the get the remaining 3 demos run on hardware?

gtx 280 doesnt support dx11, only dx10. there arent any consumer graphics cards out at the moment that support dx11.

Well, It’s very strange!
I just install Windows 7 RC and drivers (185.85_notebook_win7_32bit_whql) and DirectX Compute really DON’T work!!!
Whats wrong???
Recently I have Windows 7 Beta and 185.68 Vista (yes, yes exactly Vista) drivers and everything was OK!
Maybe there is Microsoft error?

P.S. Oouu :( 185.68 drivers now “File not found”.

Ha! I found windows vista 185.68 drivers (outside nvidia site).
I’ve just uninstall 185.85 windows 7 drivers, then I install 185.68 vista beta drivers and It’s WORK!
Look at this two screencaptures:


As you can see FPS > 30 and Hardware is ON!

Well. It’s very strange! How beta drivers can work better than release drivers? :haha:
Dear Nvidia Developers! You have to check your 185.85 drivers. There is no support of DirectX compute!

Hi Lex,
Do I need also to install CUDA driver 185.68?

Well, NicholasBG.
It’s seems like everything work OK with 185.68 drivers.
I think these drivers has CUDA support already.
Look at this:

But Please Be carefull. These drivers are beta.
So I hope Nvidia will make normal release drivers with DirectX compute.
But this is very strange. Beta is better than release. :wacko:

Thanks Lex, but I failed with 185.68 on vista. I’d better install a Win7 first…

I’m trying to run a dx10cs shader on a 260 card and seem unable to get anything started

I’m running 185.85 on vista and execute the following code
The create device call returns a valid dx11 kind of device
but the options
ComputeShaders_Plus_RawAndStructuredBuffers_Via_Shader_4_x is false (0)

Any suggestions?

InitDevice(int doEmulation, int adapter_id )

// set device, context, and staging buffer
D3D_DRIVER_TYPE eDriverType;
if ( doEmulation ) {
} else {

IDXGIAdapter * adapter = NULL;
if (adapter_id > 0){
IDXGIFactory* pFactory = NULL;

// Create a DXGIFactory object.
if(FAILED(CreateDXGIFactory(__uuidof(IDXGIFactory) ,(void**)&pFactory))) {
  printf("failed to create factory\n");

if(pFactory->EnumAdapters(adapter_id, &adapter) == DXGI_ERROR_NOT_FOUND) {
  printf("failed to find adapter\n");
  return (-1);



pGpu = new Gpu();

unsigned int nDeviceFlags = D3D11_CREATE_DEVICE_SINGLETHREADED;
nDeviceFlags |= D3D11_CREATE_DEVICE_DEBUG; // enable dx debuging in debugger
nDeviceFlags = 0; // no options needed

const D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL pRequestFeature[1] = {D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_10_0};

HRESULT res = D3D11CreateDevice( adapter,
eDriverType, // driver type (ref or hal)
NULL, // software rasterizer module
nDeviceFlags, // flags
pRequestFeature, // feature levels.
1, // number of parms to feature levels
&level, // returned feature level
&(pGpu->pCtx) );

if (res != S_OK ) {
printf(“Failed – could not create d3d11 or d3d10_cs device\n”);
return (-1);

HRESULT hr = pGpu->pDevice->CheckFeatureSupport(D3D11_FEATURE_D3D10_X_HARDWARE_OPTION
S, &options,
printf(“No Compute shader support?\n”);

return (0);

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