Disable Warnings for (pip) TRT in Python

Dear all,

I have a very short and generic question:
I am using TRT in Python installed via pip and I get the following warnings during runtime:

[07/26/2022-10:15:39] [TRT] [W] Also, the batchSize argument passed into this function has no effect on changing the input shapes. Please use setBindingDimensions() function to change input shapes instead.

[07/26/2022-10:15:39] [TRT] [W] The enqueue() method has been deprecated when used with engines built from a network created with NetworkDefinitionCreationFlag::kEXPLICIT_BATCH flag. Please use enqueueV2() instead.

Now my question is if I can disable the warnings during runtime, because they are printed for every inference step and it is quite annoying.

Thanks in advance!



Following doc may help you. Please change the logger severity.


Thank you.

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