Disabling USB2 and USB3 in the Jetson AGX Orin

We are using only USB0 and UPHY lane1. We are not using USB2.0(USB1, USB2 and USB3) and USB3.2(UPHY Lane0[USB 3.2 (P0)] and UPHY Lane20[USB 3.2 (P2)]) which are highlighted in the below image.

To disable the unused USB2.0 and USB3.2, initially I have searched in adaptation guide for DT info, where I found the DT info for PCIe as shown below, but didn’t find any details.

Then I started looking into the dt files. I have come accross “xusb_padctl@3520000” device node in tegra234-p3737-0000-a04.dtsi, this xusb_padctl node is having child usb2 and usb3 port entries, but it looks these child entries are handled by xusb_padctl driver and are not binding to USB controller drivers(EHCI and XHCI).

I could see few more nodes usb_cd , xudc@3550000 and xhci@3610000, but not sure which USB2 and USB3 entries are linked to these nodes. Can you guide to find required details to disable USB2.0(USB1, USB2 and USB3) and USB3.2(UPHY Lane0 and UPHY Lane20).

You should read document first.


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