Disconnects Immediately on launching d3d11 Graphics thread exit code 0 on Visual Studio 2012


whenever I try to run NSIGHT->Starts Graphics Debugging on my D3D11 project.
It would fail like after 5 seconds, and I would get disconnected immediately from NSight.

The output is as follows
The thread ‘Graphics’ (0x0) has exited with code 0 (0x0).
The program ‘[8028] Zweid3d64.exe: Graphics’ has exited with code 0 (0x0).

The thing here is, it seems to just work for everyone else in the office except for me… I am not sure what to do from here, I reinstalled the Nvidia drivers, and had different version of NSight, but none of them work.
Also, I am able to run NSight on my OpenGL Project, but of course I wouldn’t get any info, just hoping this piece of info would help too, in eliminating that NSight totally is installed wrongly.

My current version of Nsight and Nvidia driver
I also just run the Visual Studio 2012 update 4.
I’m using Geforce GTX 670, and from the control panel i am on version 331.82

Thanks for anyone who might know what is going on!


We just released Nsight 4.0 RC2, can you try with this updated version to see if you still encounter this problem?