DisplayLink drivers require newer kernel, what are my options?

We have a few TK1 boards at work and we are trying to get a 2nd touch screen monitor hooked up to these tk1s, we are using a USB DisplayLink adapter to get a HDMI connection to this 2nd touch screen. The DisplayLink drivers require linux kernel 3.14 or higher, the current L4T release is running 3.10. After trying some of the ubuntu related recommendations from stackoverflow I realized that our kernel updates thru apt-get are probably not working because we are not on a pure ubuntu and that L4T might be using a custom kernel. I did some searching around on Google and these forums and found that there is a few people talking about building custom kernels, but really not anyone talking about just upgrading to a newer kernel version without doing any custom changes. Are there steps that allow us to easily update the kernel on a TK1 board? We are flashed with L4T 21.4, any advice or recommendation on how we can hook up a 2nd screen to a TK1 would be very much appreciated.

The kernels are custom as some features are required to support hardware accelerated access. There has been some success reported for mainline kernels, e.g., Fedora has one. However, the ABI versions and other changes mean that you’d probably be switching to nouveau video driver and giving up GPU access. If you don’t mind giving up the hardware accelerated features, then it becomes practical to go mainline. If you cannot give up those features, then back-porting drivers is by far the easier route to go (not that I’m saying it’s easy). The Grinch kernel (see sticky topic) was more or less born out of desire for back-ported drivers (mostly wireless).